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Bible's Manuals Series

We are pleased to offer the French-speaking audience Levels P2, 1 and 2 of our new Bible Manual Series! These textbooks are intended for both Christian schoolchildren and Sunday schoolchildren.

The purpose of the Bible Manuals is to teach the Word of God to children from 5-6 years old up to 12-13 (and up!) In the most careful and thorough way possible, knowing that it will bring fruit in their life according to the promise of God.

Each level of the Bible Manuals Series consists of:

  • a comprehensive Teacher's Guide: it offers 34 chapters of 4 lessons of lessons, completed by an evaluation lesson. Each lesson is built around the actual content, either a Bible story or a fictional story illustrating biblical truth, questions of understanding and reflection, and activities directly related to the lesson or more fun. Levels 1 and 2 are supplemented by more advanced topics for reflection.
  • a Student's notebook with colorful activities
  • a CD-ROM of educational resources
  • beautiful colorful posters of biblical scenes for Levels P2, 1 and 2.

Member schools benefit from reduced rates. For other schools or churches, we offer price reductions for orders by packs:

  • Class Pack:
    10 Student Booklets + 1 Teacher's Guide + 1 set of Posters: 199 €.
  • Discovery Pack:
    1 Student Booklet + 1 Teacher's Guide + 1 set of Posters: 99 €.

We expect a quick release of Level P1 (children 4-5 years), and as soon as possible higher levels.