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A hope for school (Un espoir pour l'école)

- Christian education, an alternative offer

For more than 30 years, the Evangelical Protestant world of northern Francophonie (France, Belgium and Switzerland) is witnessing a new phenomenon: parents, teachers or educators embark on this adventure of creating schools, colleges and high schools. In France, these schools are part of these 1,300 independent schools without a contract with the State although recognized by him, and therefore without subsidies: this is the price of a genuine educational freedom. Switzerland shares this condition with France. Belgium is supported by the state. Whatever the country, the investment to create and maintain such schools is total, many challenges. What motivates such a choice? What foundations, what practices, what objectives nourish this approach against the current of the classical system, but also a large part of the evangelical world itself? Identity withdrawal? Will of over-protection? Reaction to the evolution of society? Fancy ?

What is the specificity of a biblical worldview? How to define it, to decline it, to teach it and to live it? How does the "creation-fall-redemption-fulfillment" model help us to better understand the reality of school curricula?

This modest work, the fruit of several authors all very involved in the field of Christian education, attempts to answer these questions with conviction and relevance.

Collective, Farel editions, March 2018.

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