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Format A2 (14 R/V) + 21x21 cm (30 R/V) + A4 (13 R)
Weight 2 kg
Nb of pages - 28 Posters A2 Front / Back - 60 Images 21x21cm Front / Back - 13 sheets A4
Year 2019

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I read with Sara 1st year - 3 poster series

The indicated price is a special price Africa, Madagascar and Haiti, 30.000 CFAFor Europe thank you for consulting us.

I read with Sara is a complete reading method intended mainly for French Christian schools in Africa, and also usable in a family context.

It is completed by three series of posters, laminated for better protection:

  • large attractive pictures (A2 format), 28 in number and accompanying each lesson,
  • the images of David's life (A4 size), hand-drawn,
  • and cut-out drawings, allowing the illustration of vocabulary words.

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