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L’école : instruction, endoctrinement ou propagande ?

The school system, one of the most useful tools in the hands of power

(Translation from the book "Whoever controls the schools rules the world".)

This book seeks to remind us that school education is not neutral, neither in content nor in form. The battle for the conquest of intelligence is played out on a daily basis, in countless schools and classrooms, public or private. “What vision of the world will shape the thinking of present and future generations? ", that is the question ! Especially when you know that a thought shaped at an early age will mark the adult all his life.

It shows us how education has been used as a means of social change, from Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler to secular humanism and radical Islam. If Christians are serious about fighting the good fight and securing the future of their children, they must first understand its nature...


Gary DeMar, Doctor of Divinity, is the author of numerous books on biblical worldview, homeschooling, and advocating for the faith.

  • Author : DeMar Gary | Editor : ACSI Francophonie
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