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Le Valet Visuel (The Visual Valet)

Pedagogical thread, a real personal assistant for teachers 

The whole history of humanity, from time immemorial and into eternity, is part of the canvas of Creation, the fall, redemption and fulfillment. In order to better help the reader to understand the implications in life, but also in professional practice, the author offers this guide called "the Visual Valet", a creative, simple and effective means which depicts the great divine plan. Well known in the Anglo-Saxon world for more than two decades, it has served as a study and training manual for many Christian teachers and researchers in more than 20 countries, addressing especially all those who aspire to live according to the objectives. of God and to have an impact in His Kingdom.

The author's starting point is the assurance that the character and purposes of God are revealed in Scripture, and harmoniously manifested in the world He has created.


Harold Klassen has a master's degree in Education Sciences obtained in Canada, and has worked with TeachBeyond since 1977. Having been a teacher and then a high school principal at Black Forest Academy, in Germany, his passion for the philosophy of Christian education l has led to the development of a specific theoretical framework appreciated throughout the world, used in many training courses.

Visual Valet summary on English website

  • Author : Klassen Harold | Editor : ACSI Francophonie
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