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  • Christian Schools in Francophone Africa
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Christian Schools in Francophone Africa

In recent years, we have observed a strong growth in the number of Christian schools in the French-speaking part of our continent, which is an answer to prayers ... But why create Christian schools for our children? What is their importance and what are their foundations? What are God's thoughts on this?

More than ever, the need to mobilize for the education of children is great. Their future is forged mainly in families and schools, with God and thanks to Him. It must be won and won, which requires voluntary commitment and strategic decisions on our part.

The goal is not to have only packaging, as beautiful as it is, but also and above all content ... A small prayer in the morning is good, but it is not enough! And that does not build a Christian school, much less disciples ... In fact, all the areas of operation of the school need to be impregnated with the counsel of God, the contents of the courses and the pedagogy as well as the financial, premises, personnel or relationship management.

This book was written to help African schools, but also from all continents, to move towards these objectives.

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