ACSI Europe serves national Christian schools throughout Europe and beyond. We currently have a network of more than 200 member schools benefiting from our resources, conferences, teacher training programs and school collaboration opportunities. Our member schools are unique in their desire to impact their students and communities with a solid Biblical foundation for learning. Our role is to provide support for the school administration and teachers. You can be a part of this network by joining as a member school or as an individual.

The ACSI Europe office serves the national Christian schools and Christian teachers of the European and Central Asia region. NATIONAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS are defined as schools outside North America, which are established to provide a Christian education for children in the country where the schools are located based on their country's educational standards. These schools teach primarily in their local language, though some may have a bilingual curriculum.

Currently, most of our member schools are in France, Germany, Hungary and Romania. We also provide some services and conferences for schools for the following language groups/regions: Polish, Slovak, Czech, Spanish and the Russian speakers of the former CIS. Schools throughout the region including Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK have access to our English language services and are welcome at all our conferences that use translation from English speaking presenters. We provide Russian language services on our website since we incoporated Ukraine and former CIS region into our service area in October 2015.

International Christian Schools, those schools who serve an international community with a US based curriculum, are served by our US headquarters. They are also welcome to participate in all of our regional events and teacher training programs as members of ACSI Global, though their needs may vary somewhat from those of our national schools.

We are also developing agreements and partnerships with other Christian education associations within Europe to be of mutual support and benefit. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner organization!

Current Partner Organizations:

  • VEBS, the German Association of Christian Schools - German Christian denominational schools have served their communities for 40 years, where teaching is framed by committed Christians. They provide not only the content of the competent public school curricula, but want to exemplify Christian authenticity and provide viable answers to life's questions.
  • Bestuurdersoverleg reformatorisch voortgezet onderwijs - RefSVO is the national Reformation Cooperation for Secondary Education and Secondary Special Education. The seven Reformed VO schools (and the five Reformed Schools for VSO) in the Netherlands provide appropriate education in a national partnership, so that children from our communities can recieve educational support in line with their upbringing at home.
  • The European Educators' Christian Association (EurECA) is a European network for Christian teachers working in schools – whether state-funded or private, from kindergarten to university – and for Christian home educators and others who are interested in promoting Christian education in Europe.
  • SHARE Education Services provides education support, assisting families serving cross-culturally in meeting the education needs of their children. ACSI recognizes the value of home schooling in many situations and certainly respects the decision of the parents in the case that they believe home schooling to be the best option for their child/children. ACSI is a partner organization of SHARE Education and encourages the use of their high quality services for the benefit of families who might home school. ACSI will also support any home schooling family by making member resources, conferences and teacher training available to parents who are interested in developing in their role as a home educator.
  • We are working on addtional partnerships with national Christian school associations in Europe for mutual support.
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News and Events
PL/CZ/SK Administrator Conference, Katowice, Poland, March 7-9, 2018
This is an event for administrators of secondary schools, primary schools and preschools. English speakers are welcome to attend. Theme: Standards for School Improvement
Romanian Administrator Conference, March 15-17, 2018
An event for administrators of secondary schools, primary schools and pre-schools. English speakers are welcome to attend. Theme: The Leadership Challenge
Hungarian Administrator Conference, Feb. 22-23, 2018, Budapest
An event for administrators of secondary schools, primary schools and pre-schools. Hungarian will be used in most sessions. The conference is open to leaders of all Christian education institutions, regardless of denominational affiliation.
ACSI Online Professional Development
Join our Personalized, Professional, Dynamic, Online Learning Community and learn with other Christian teachers from around the world on your own schedule!
International Collaborative Projects for Christian Schools
An online course for high quality methodological training combined with biblical integration using Project Based Learning.
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